Settlement reached in the context of the OCPD trial on the reservation policy

A settlement between the counties of Canada and Cleveland with the Oklahoma City Police Department said officers would now transfer those they arrest to the county detention center where the arrest was made.

Because Oklahoma City stretches all the way to Cleveland and Canadian County, Oklahoma City Police patrol these areas.

Canadian County District Judge Jack McCurdy said the problem was not where they are patrolling, but where those arrested are.

“We were concerned that people would be sitting in Oklahoma County longer than they would have been in our jail and that they could post bail and sit there longer than the Constitution allows them to. see a judge and have either a bond. or a first appearance made, ”McCurdy said.

He said they had been traveling back and forth with Oklahoma City Police for years to find out where they were transporting those arrested.

“According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, they say it was more efficient to have better equipment to conduct their investigation and booking procedures if they took them to their jail with their equipment and space. that their agents knew, ”McCurdy said. noted.

McCurdy said that while their equipment is nicer, their officers can accomplish the same in any detention center.

In April 2020, the counties of Cleveland and Canada filed an administrative order on how detainees were transported during the pandemic.

“We are obviously doubling the risk of exposure to our inmates who were already here by those arrested being first taken to another facility where we have no idea what the COVID outbreak might be,” said McCurdy.

After nearly a year of legal battle, this settlement was finally reached.

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