Passengers on trains with online reservations can now change boarding station. here’s how

Passengers traveling on trains can now change boarding station 24 hours before the start of their journey. The boarding station can be changed according to IRCTC rules, which gives the possibility to all passengers who have booked their tickets online. The facility is not available on tickets booked through travel agents.

If the passenger wishes to change boarding station, he must make the changes online, 24 hours before train departure. After changing the boarding station, the passenger cannot board the train from the original boarding station. According to IRCTC rules, changing boarding stations can only be done once.

If you board a train from a station other than the embarkation station without changing your ticket, you will have to pay the penalty as well as the fare difference between the embarkation point and the revised embarkation point.

Here are the easy steps to change the boarding station:

If you have booked tickets online, you can change the boarding station by visiting the IRCTC website

Enter the login credentials

Select your train by clicking on the “Ticket reservation history” option. Now go to “change boarding point”.

Select the new boarding station for the train from where you want to take the train. Click on validate.

Now when you click on ‘OK’ you will receive a message regarding the change of boarding station.

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