Hero Electric will accept online reservations, deliver scooters to showrooms

Many Indian citizens are becoming environmentally conscious. The increase in sales of electric vehicles in the country is a direct proof of this. At the same time, due to rising petrol and diesel prices, many have turned their backs on conventional fuel vehicles. Battery car manufacturers are taking advantage of this. They struggle to meet customer demands. Likewise, Hero Electric is a famous electric scooter manufacturing company in the country. Currently, their showrooms are spread all over India, but the supply does not match the demand for electric scooters. So as an alternative route, Hero announced the launch of its hybrid sales channel in this country. This means that from now on customers can reserve scooters online.

The scooters will be delivered from company showrooms in the country after receiving online orders from customers. FYI, this hybrid system is not new to Hero, earlier the company launched a related showroom during the Covid outbreak. The system was introduced during lockdown so customers could buy scooters from a single shopping cart from the comfort of their own homes. But later it was closed due to some reasons.

Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, said, “We believe in connecting directly with customers, understanding their feelings and riding a scooter before buying it. But now buyers are confident to buy bikes online. They want to buy online because they trust the brand and get positive messages about the scooter from people they know.

The company said: “These customers will buy scooters online and take delivery at their convenience. They can even shop directly in the showroom and benefit from home delivery if they wish. As a leading company, we are always striving to provide customers with the best scooter shopping experience. Incidentally, Hero Electric passed the milestone of 100,000 scooters sold in the 2021-22 financial year. The company recently laid the foundation stone for its new factory in Ludhiana. The initiative aims to produce one million scooters per year over the next five years.

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