Aer Lingus extends its Flexi booking policy until end of September 2021

Book with confidence

Aer Lingus has extended its flexible booking policy until September 30, 2021.

The airline’s Book with Confidence option allows customers to change their travel dates for free.


Airline ticket holders can change their dates as often as they like up to two hours before take-off.

However, in the fine print, Aer Lingus indicates that a fare difference may apply in some cases.

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Customers with a Plus, Smart, Advantage, Flex, Business or Business Flex fares have additional options.

They can redeem their flight for a voucher up to 14 days in advance.

It changes to in 14 days if their destination has moved in red on the EU travel frame or if the customer decides he does not want to travel.

And in some cases, Advantage or Flex travelers may qualify for a full refund.

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In summary:

Free changes: Customers can change their flight for free as often as they like on any itinerary and any fare until 30e September 2021.

Guarantee certificate: Customers who have purchased a Plus, Smart, Advantage or Flex fare can receive a voucher if they choose not to travel.

Cash refund: The Advantage fare guarantees a refund if the customer decides not to travel.

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While Ireland remains stranded, international travel is out of the question.

But it’s nice to know that you can book a summer vacation with a bit more security if you want to!

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Terms and conditions apply, visit Aer Lingus website for all the details.

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