A good hotel stay can make a world of a difference to your trip. You could either end up really relaxed and pampered, ready to face the day and have a happy partner or family with you, or you could end up with a grumpy partner and come out of the hotel feeling absolutely miserable. When you’re on holiday, you don’t want to compromise on certain amenities. Most people do want hot showers, perhaps a good breakfast, good beds, maybe a TV and more. It’s the devil in the details that can get your attention. Imagine this. You’re on holiday and in the middle of your shower the hot water stops running and you’re stuck with the cold water. You’re going to be very unhappy and that will affect your day.

With so many choices available online, sometimes it’s not that easy to choose the best hotel for yourself. But here’s a step by step plan that could make your selection process a lot easier.


  • Filter & Sort

When you use your preferred hotel booking websites, you should use the price filter. This is how you can see the hotel options by your desired price bracket. I would suggest to leave in the lower priced ones because even if you’re willing to pay a bit more, you could find some diamonds in the rough at a great deal. You should also use those filters given to sort out your preferences. Choose the ones that are of importance to you. This could range from parking if you’re driving, to a pool if you have kids, definitely Wifi services. You could also use filters like the type of hotel such as family oriented or ‘romantic’. This will automatically eliminate many of the options until you have a select few to choose from which will offer exactly or close to what you want.

  • Locations on Map

If you are in holiday, you will want to be close to attractions so that you eliminate the travel time required from your day. You could even choose a hotel that is closer to the airport so that you don’t miss your flight which could be early next morning or stay in a hotel that is close to public transportation so that you don’t have to hire taxis or walk a long way to get anywhere. One way of knowing how close your hotel is to the locations of your choice is by reading reviews – but honestly, who’s got the time to read through all the reviews of all the hotels to find out which one is best? This is where the map view comes in. Just open it and quickly scan it to see which hotels are located in the part of town that you want to stay in.


  • Decide your preferences for hotel selection

This could range from having a complimentary breakfast to free Wifi. Check if you are required to pay a fee. You should also check (if this important to you) if the hotel has Wifi, a computer from which to access the internet or both. Many of us don’t always arrive to our hotel at daylight. Many hotels don’t have a late night check in or a 24 hour reception. This could mean a big problem for you if you’re arriving at the wee hours. Certain things like smoking/ non-smoking rooms and the bed size matter to many. You could also check if the offer toiletries – which could mean less luggage for you to carry. A lot of these factors don’t hold much importance with a lot of travelers. Pick the few that are essential for your comfort and go with it!

Hello! Vacations are the most interesting part of year and everyone wants to make the best out of them which won’t be possible if you don’t have a good place, i.e. a good hotel, to stay. And what if you are able to find yourself a great hotel online?

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