I can’t say I’m the know all of all hotel bookings, but considering that I handle all bookings for my parents when they travel, for my business trips and also my family when we go on vacation, I have somewhat become a sort of expert in this field – if there ever was such a field. Oh well, I’m giving myself the position of Online Hotel Booking Consultant and I do manage to get great deals, if I do say so myself. Which I guess I am. But seriously, I’m the go-to person for all hotel booking deals because everyone I know knows that I do manage to get great deals.

Why bother trying it yourself when I’m there. I guess they should become a little more independent, but I take great pride in finding the best deals at the best price. My family and I have saved a lot of money by staying in really, really great hotels all around the world. You may not think so, but all savings add up, even if it is just a matter of a few dollars here and there. Take for example; you are planning to visit New York City. One website offers a room for $200, but I manage to get a deal for $185 in the same hotel but from a different website. Multiply the savings into a week and you end up saving $105.


To me, that’s a lot. This means I have more to spend sightseeing or buying gifts for friends and family or just indulging myself in one of my many interests. I wasn’t always like this. If you knew me ten years ago, I would’ve been that person who said, I’ll just book this room, it seems like a decent rate without bothering to do a bit more research.

Now I don’t mean that you have to sit for hours on end trying to get the best deal so that you can save a few dollars. That is a waste of time and I really don’t like wasting time. I’ve kind of got this down to a pat so it doesn’t take me long. Probably a maximum of 5 – 10 minutes which is not bad if it means I end up with more in my account rather than less. But here are many people I know who don’t bother to double check on prices and who are quick to settle on a price shown on the website.

To me, this seems a little silly. There are always great deals if you bother to look for them, and very often, you don’t have to look far at all. I know time is a critical factor when booking and nobody seems to have the time to see if all seems ok and if that is the best you can get for your buck. But hey, that’s them and not me. My family and I have lived in some really fancy resorts at a fraction of the price. So be like me, explore the world of online hotel booking!